Hell, my name is David, and I’m a Zombieholic.

(Hears the chorus of other Zombieholics in the room chanting “Welcome David”)

As a writer of zombie fiction I have conflicted thoughts about Zombieholism and Zombieholics Anonymous. It is certainly a serious condition that spreads like a virus. Adolescents and young adults are especially vulnerable, but it has been known to spread rampantly across genders, age and ethnic groups too. Grandmothers and retired men are particularly susceptive to recent manifestations of the addiction. Worse yet, there is no known cure. A single exposure is often all it takes to become addicted and I agree that these people need a support group such as Zombieholics Anonymous.

Some of you may consider zombie authors to be little more than pushers who exploit the addiction of zombieholics. Nevertheless, the scientific research shows that without a regular fix of quality zombie fiction, these zombieholics become unstable and even dangerous. I myself have actually faced implied threats from addicts demanding immediate release of the next book in my series. When deprived of good zombie books, many addicts will resort to low quality merchandise or even vampire books. You might think such behavior would cure them, but no, it only fuels their demands for more and better zombie fiction!

Since there is no cure for zombieholism, it is the responsibility of authors and filmmakers to produce enough quality zombie fiction to satisfy the cravings of zombieholics so that they can continue to be happy and productive members of society. The alternative is too terrible to contemplate: hordes of deranged zombieholics taking to the streets, even attacking the writers who abandon them to their own imaginations. So it is with firm conviction that I wholeheartedly endorse the efforts of Zombieholics Anonymous and vow to continue providing treatment (fixes) for those afflicted with this condition.


David P Forsyth can be reached at me@davidpforsyth.com and is the author of Sovereign Spirit Saga which includes Voyage of the Dead, Flotilla of the Dead and Deluge of the Dead; plus the prequels Interludes in Hell. Volume Two of the Sovereign Spirit Saga is coming in 2014. For more information about David and his books, please visit him on his website.