Today Zombieholics Anonymous is featuring a piece of flash fiction by Christopher J. Starr…

A New Day and a Big Breakfast

Christopher J. Starr

Morning had broken, and I felt as if I hadn’t slept at all. I had an insatiable appetite for breakfast that day. As I walked down the sidewalk with no particular place to go, there was quite a bit of activity for such an early day. At first I heard the sound of an engine screaming along, and then I watched as the vehicle sped through the stop sign at the intersection of Maple Street, and  Summit Avenue.

Mrs. Crowley never heard the car, or had time to react, as she ran into the street. Her body launched nearly 20 feet from where she stood, knocking her out of her shoes. A group of people quickly encircled her. I too felt compelled to run to her, yet simply walked slowly over. As I drew near, a strong sweet smell flooded my olfactory. It had a scent of metal, more so, like iron, or copper.

Like one might smell an open grill, with animal flesh being charred upon it, my hunger ignited, leaving me feel a bit like “Pavlov’s dog”. My pace quickened as I approached the group around where Mrs. Crowley lied. An arousing, excitability hit me, as I approached the pool of red. I nudged, and pushed through the others and knelt down right beside Mrs. Crowley, her vacant stare looking up to the sky. I felt no remorse or sadness, as I placed my hands on her body, still warm and wet with blood, already starting to coagulate. Blankly, I stared at the others around me. Their mouths moving, but none made a sound. I felt my own mouth moving, without saying a word. My hunger was becoming less, until I felt it no more.

I stood up, and turned to depart the departed. I felt a trickle down my chin, and I wiped it away. I looked at my hands, glistening with crimson. Why am I bleeding? I thought, as I looked back to the scene. One from the group pulled his head away from Mrs. Crowley’s body, in a tugging motion. That is when I realized; he was eating her there, along with the others, as I had just done. They did not rush to her aid, but to have a nice meal, all of them. Feasting without emotion, just a sensation, either one of hunger, or of temporary satisfaction. The first to arrive stood up and walked away, new ones had taken their place in the feeding frenzy.

Unfazed, and uncaring I turned, and continued to walk. There were groups all around lifeless bodies, like the one around Mrs. Crowley. Meandering along, I bumped into others, like me, without apology. The ones full of life, and panic, ran quickly by me. I would reach out to grab them, but my movements were uncoordinated, and slow.

This was the start of a new day. This was the first day of my life as the undead. I am now a ghoul. I watch as countless others start their new life, full of hunger, the light from their eyes gone, along with their souls. Alone I walk, without speaking a word. There is nothing on my mind. It is almost lunch time.

All Rights Reserved © 2014 Christopher J. Starr


photo (2)ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Working as a project engineer by day, Chris spends his time in the darkness of his dungeon, doing anything from watching horror movies, creating spooky illustrations, tinkering with music, catching episodes of “The Walking Dead”, “American Horror Story”, and “The Munsters”. He also enjoys reading anything from Poe to Brian Keene. Spending years submersed in the horror realm, he has recently taken up writing, and became a Supporting Member of the Horror Writers Association, in the hopes of advancing in membership.
Chris attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh receiving a degree in Industrial Design; The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division receiving a diploma in Digital (Graphic) Design earning a 4.0 GPA; and is currently taking additional classes online.