Have you ever had the desire to practice what it would be like to run from hordes of Zombies? Well this might be the event for you!

Zombie Run

With events popping up all over the place, Zombie Run is a great way to get out there and give it all a go! There are three different types of events:

Zombie Run – The original zombie infested 5k obstacle race with 200+ zombies, 10-12 natural and man-made obstacles

Zombie Run: Urban Assault – A 5k zombie infested fun run. 300 zombies for all ages

Zombie Run: Escape – Custom events for unique venues. Run from Zombies at a stadium, abandoned psychiatric hospital, closed prison or moth-balled battleship. While the distance and capacity varies by venue, the experience is one you won’t soon forget.

Heck, from the sounds of it you could help them schedule one to come to your own town.

Here are some videos of other people experiences:

So check it out and give it a try… If you dare!