Hello, my name is Julianne and I’m a Zombieholic.

(There’s a pause as the rest of the Zombieholics chant “Welcome Julianne.”)

Did anyone else watch the fall finale of The Walking Dead? Oh and beware there are spoilers below so if you haven’t watched it, and you continue reading, it’s at your own peril

There’s a part of me that knew someone was likely going to die and having got almost to the end of the hour without the death of a character, I began to wonder if it was going to happen.

And then they went there.

If you watched it, did it shock you as much as it did me?

Are you sad that Beth is now gone? While she wasn’t my favourite character, I’m very sad to see her go. And just when she was coming into her own as a strong individual who was willing to do what had to be done to ensure her survival.