Okay we’ve all seen the movie Zombieland (or at least most of us have seen it) where one of the rules for surviving the zombie apocalypse is Cardio. Well that stands up if you really sit down and consider it for a moment.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m overweight and out of shape – I have been for a great portion of my life but I recently decided that I was tired. And I literally mean tired. I was tired of the looks, tired of the comments, tired of the way it made me feel, tired of it all. So what did I do?

cardioI joined the gym.

And I made the commitment to myself that if the apocalypse were to ever happen, I wouldn’t be the person that slowed the team down, or was the easy one to sacrifice in an effort to save the group.

It’s going to be a slow transformation I’m sure, but each day I’ll get stronger and more able to do the things like running and fighting that may be expected of me. Because let’s face it, cardio plays a large part in all of that.

Even if you’re in the best of shape and don’t carry around any extra weight, you would benefit from a little cardio. Not only is a healthy heart a great thing to have, but it one of your best defenses in the apocalypse.