Good morning fellow Zombieholics!

This Monday morning I’m filled with a level of excitement tinged with dread. In less then a week, we find out who Negan kills on The Walking Dead when it returns for its seventh season on AMC.

I have my theories as to who it is, but that doesn’t make the trepidation any easier to manage. I’m not going to lie – the characters on TWD have managed to weedle their way into my heart and mind, and I while I don’t want any of them to die, I know it’s a necessity.

Bad things happen after the end and no one can escape that, even in fiction.

The worse thing is that I believe 2 characters will be leaving us this coming Sunday at the end of Lucille—Abraham and Glenn.

I’ve gone back and forth over the summer, read many articles, pondered it over discussions with other fans – but those are the people who I think will bite it in the end.

Here’s to hoping I’m wrong and that Negan’s just playing with us…

It could happen right?

Who do you think gets it?