If you haven’t watched the Season 7 première of The Walking Dead yet, stop reading. If you continue to read and something is spoiled for you, you’ve done so at your own peril and I accept no responsibility for it. Consider yourself warned…

watch-walking-dead-season-6-860x450So last night saw the première of the long awaited 7th season of The Walking Dead on AMC. For the past 10 months, there’s been lots of discussion and supposition on the inter-webs about who was going to get the business end of Lucille.

From the end of the last season, I’d always expected it was going to be Abraham and Glenn, with possibly a third person meeting a horrific end. God, do I ever hate being right!!

It was a hard episode to watch because we lost such colourful and ultimately likeable characters. While they may be gone, they never will be forgotten.

Now that we look forward to the rest of the season, is there anyone else you think may not make it to see the start of Season 8?