I’ve titled this post ‘Intolerance’ which may get me into some hot water but to be honest, I think the word truly fits and when I come to the end of this post, I hope you’ll come to understand where I’m coming from. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with me in the slightest, I’d just be happy you’ve read the post and considered the point of view I’ve presented.

The Walking Dead premiered last night for its 7th season if you haven’t seen it yet, and have managed to avoid all of the internet talk surrounding it, consider yourself warned because I will be talking about a major aspect of it and how it resonated with some fans.

Before we begin, I want to give my opinion of the episode first. I thought it was very well done. Keep in mind I haven’t read the comics so as not to pollute my overall enjoyment of the show but I do know from different media outlets that Negan is a very nefarious character – something I think the show did a great job last season building up. While I was devastated to see certain characters die, I understood there was a reason for it – whether it was to drive growth in another character, to give the group a reason to figure out a way from under Negan’s thumb, or to make it that much harder for certain characters to find a reason to survive a day longer than they already have.

What I don’t understand is the backlash from a section of the fandom that have decided they’re not going to watch the show because they felt it was too much violence for the sake of violence. Some even compared it to torture porn which is something I admit to being wholly unfamiliar with.

Let’s get real for a moment…

The show is not strictly ‘entertainment’. It’s a gritty, dark look into the possibility of what the world could become should it end — either at the hands of a zombie apocalypse or another devastating catastrophe. We share in the triumphs of the characters but alternately, we mourn the pitfalls too. Is the world they’ve created too dark? Too gritty? Too violent?

There’s definitely a case for that. If someone can’t handle watching the show, it;s their own prerogative as to whether or not they continue to tune in. Only they can decide what is too much for them.

If you turn on the news you’ll learn that there are worse things taking place all over the world. I’m not saying that makes what it going on in The Walking Dead any easier to watch, but if the case can be made that what is presented helps to progress a character or lead to the resolution of a story arc, doesn’t it have a right to be honestly depicted in a story that involves the end of the world as we’d come to know it?

What are your thoughts?