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Zombieholics Anonymous will be on haitus for the holiday season until 2017!

Please tune in for lots of zombie fun!!

Happy Holidays!!



ZOMBIE ZUNDAY!: Zombie-Opoly | #GameoftheDead

(Previously published on Days with the Undead)

It’s available on Amazon and clicking on the image will take you right there…


ZURVIVAL TIPS: Participation | #SometimesYouHaveToDoWhatYouHaveToDo

Sometimes we’ve got to do things you may not want to do. And I’m not being facetious or glib when I say it. There will be times where your participation will be needed after the end.

par1.pngIf you join a group, you’ll have to pull your own weight. No one is going to let you sit around and leech off the hard work of others for very long. Dead weight will be cut as soon as possible and when you need someone to save your back, you’d better be willing to save theirs in return.

par2Participation in many forms will be important—whether it’s helping to make the place you call home thrive, or out in the field where combat or collecting supplies is of the utmost important—and if you don’t stand up to be counted, you’ll be left at the wayside the first time the opportunity arises.

Participation: it’s in you to give.

So give it, and give it freely.

ZTATE OF THE UNDEAD ADDRESS: Excitement and Dread | #TWD #LucillesJustice

Good morning fellow Zombieholics!

This Monday morning I’m filled with a level of excitement tinged with dread. In less then a week, we find out who Negan kills on The Walking Dead when it returns for its seventh season on AMC.

I have my theories as to who it is, but that doesn’t make the trepidation any easier to manage. I’m not going to lie – the characters on TWD have managed to weedle their way into my heart and mind, and I while I don’t want any of them to die, I know it’s a necessity.

Bad things happen after the end and no one can escape that, even in fiction.

The worse thing is that I believe 2 characters will be leaving us this coming Sunday at the end of Lucille—Abraham and Glenn.

I’ve gone back and forth over the summer, read many articles, pondered it over discussions with other fans – but those are the people who I think will bite it in the end.

Here’s to hoping I’m wrong and that Negan’s just playing with us…

It could happen right?

Who do you think gets it?


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian Zombieholics out there! I’m going to be at home fixing the turkey and all the accoutrements for the big dinner, but I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of my readers who’ve joined me on this journey.


It also gives rise to thoughts of things I would miss if the zombie apocalypse were ever to happen:

  • undisturbed and non-stressful sleep
  • hot showers
  • family and friends
  • family gatherings
  • cuddling
  • going to the theatre for fresh popped popcorn and the latest blockbuster movie
  • baking
  • enjoying a cup of Earl Grey tea

And that’s just a short list off the top of my head. What are some of the things that you’d miss?


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