Last week we talked a bit about Cardio and how important it’s going to be after the end. But there’s a little something that goes along with Cardio that you’re definitely going to need – Endurance.

c4cbe2b6202d63392d7d0ea33927cd2c.jpgHaving a burst of speed is great, but if you can’t sustain it, you’re going to burn yourself out. For a while, adrenaline may keep you going but if your body is not used to the discipline of training, trying to live in hard conditions with stress around every corner is going to wear you down.

9e333bd4862840562e5bc17bea6d22fbSome may argue that life is hard for everyone at different times, but endurance is more than that. It’s the body conditioning that comes from being physically and spiritually ready to take on each and every situation that comes your way.

Living after the end is going to be very difficult but with a little time spent on preparing both your body and your mind will go a long, long way toward your survival.