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ZTATE OF THE UNDEAD ADDRESS: Where It All Began… | #Genesis #Zombieholic

Today I’m going to take you back to the beginning… To the beginning of Zombieholics Anonymous and to the beginning of my love of the genre. Consider this my confession and testimonial to all of the other Zombieholics out there…

Hello, my name is Julianne and I am a Zombie-holic.

(Hears the chorus of other Zombieholics in the room chanting “Welcome Julianne”).

It’s been less than five minutes since I last thought about Zombies, or read something about them, or heck even wrote about them. It all started a very long time ago. I was six and home for the day. I had a fever and my mother hadn’t wanted to send me to school. Instead she bundled me up on the couch in front of the television with the remote control and told me to call her if I needed anything.

Unbeknownst to my mother, she was about to unleash more monsters upon me. My first ill-advised exposure to the horror genre occurred at the age of four when my parents let my two older brothers and myself watch Alien with them. All I can say is I lasted longer than to two of them combined before I ran screaming from the room. But I digress…

With remote control in hand, I flicked through the cartoons, not finding much of anything I hadn’t seen already and wanted to watch again. I became embroiled at one point within the jagged plotlines of a soap opera before stumbling upon a grainy black and white movie that had just started.

That movie was George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. And it scarred me for life – in a good way.

Have you ever watched something so profound in your formative years that you’ve never forgotten it? Both of the horror movies I watched at such an early age represent the beginning of my love for the feeling that fear can evoke. And Night of the Living Dead opened up a world larger than any I had ever imagined.

From that moment forward, I would do my best to watch (albeit secretly) any movie that contained the undead, and read anything that I could get my hands on that contained the subject matter. The librarian in my elementary school did his best at trying to satiate my hunger for books. To this day I can walk into that school and still find books that likely have no business being on the shelves where young children can find them.

Heck, I even started to write about them. Back in those days, I didn’t have any idea that I wanted to become a published author – I was just recording the types of stories that I wanted to read. They are rudimentary at best, but some of them contain quite a few twisted ideas I have already used in one tale or another.

Days with the Undead was born on an occasion when I needed to process a few demons. It’s a journal of survival told exclusively from the perspective of the main character. What better way to work out my own struggles than to place it against the backdrop of the undead? Zombies are the best reflection of what is wrong with ourselves. They show us the side of ourselves we’d rather not admit to having and that’s part of the reason I love them so much.

So you might ask why I’m here, standing in front of you and telling you my story. Well, I needed a place to share my own experiences and find a little common ground with other addicts out there. They are coming and when they do, I figured it was best to surround myself with others who understand and appreciate just what they are. Thank you.



Zombieholics Anonymous is back!

And we’re hoping to stick it out for the long haul because let’s face it, we need each other. So what’s in store for all you zombie loving addicts out there? I’ve revamped the schedule to give you few fun reasons to check back each week –

Monday: Ztate of the Undead Address

My weekly confessional. I’m addicted and I can admit it.

Wednesdays: Zurvival Tips!

Tidbits that may just keep you alive!

Sunday: Zombie Zunday!

Featuring one piece of zombie media each and every week. If you would like to be featured, please send me an email at JulianneMSnow (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me about it!


Wednesday Meeting: What’s Your Plan?

Hello, my name is Julianne and I’m a Zombieholic.

(There’s a pause as the rest of the Zombieholics chant “Welcome Julianne.”)

So lately I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I would do if the dead were actually to rise. I mean I love the genre but I’m not entirely sure that I would want to actually live to see the Zombie Apocalypse…

So my plan involves getting as far away from civilization and holing up until I have to move again.

So what’s your plan? Maybe we can be Zombie Apocalypse besties??




Julianne’s Monday Meeting: Zombies Everywhere!

Hello, my name is Julianne and I’m a Zombieholic.

(There’s a pause as the rest of the Zombieholics chant “Welcome Julianne.”)

There are zombies everywhere lately and trust me, I’m not complaining! I recently attended Horror-Rama in Toronto and definitely got my fill. From meeting Rob Sacchetto (finally!) and Brett Kelly, co-writer and director of My Fair Zombie, it was a great weekend!

Then on The Walking Dead that night, we learned what happened to Beth and got a glimpse at what might be coming down the pike for those at that hospital. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode, and while I admit I want to know more of what’s going on in the hospital, especially now that Carol is there as well, I’m excited to see how far the group gets on their trek to Washington.

But I have to ask—is it just me, or does anything else think that things are moving really quickly? I think I’ve been lulled into a set pace with season’s two, three, and the beginning of four, only see the ramp up in action. I’m not used to this AMC!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly not complaining—I love that we’re seeing more and exploring story lines fast and hard. But there’s a small part of me that’s finding my heart in my throat at times, thinking to myself ‘they didn’t just do that!‘, or screaming at my television ‘Holy Sh*t! That just happened!‘.

So I ask, how are the rest of you enjoying this season? Do you like the new pace? Or is it just me that’s finding things are moving along at a pace you’d think would occur after the end?

Leave your thoughts for me below—I’d love to hear them!


Hello, my name is Julianne and I’m a Zombieholic.

(There’s a pause as the rest of the Zombieholics chant “Welcome Julianne.”)

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a meeting. Don’t get me wrong, my addiction is still strong, and I feed it every chance I get. But I do admit that life sometimes gets in the way of getting here. But that’s all going to change – I need you and you all need me. It’s all about community and that’s the only way we’ll be able to get through this – together.

I’ve watched many new movies and even read a few books and stories that have kept the hunger at bay. But the major event that occurred this past week was the premiere of the fifth season of The Walking Dead on AMC. Who else watched it? What did you think?

I had to say it was the strongest season premiere in recent years and I was riveted as I watched it. Part of it was down to the fact I was getting my fix, pure and simple, but the rest of it was because the story itself really started to take off. And it was brutal – just the way you expect the end of the world to turn out!

I had a few favourite scenes, but I will admit that the one at the very end made me absolutely giddy!! I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it, but holy hell!!

NEW RELEASE: The Dead of Penderghast Manor by Julianne Snow

Phrenic Press has just released

The Dead of Penderghast Manor

by Julianne Snow!



What would you do if you knew the Dead could talk?

For Chester Penderghast, it’s not the easiest of questions to answer…

Ensconced in the basement of his family’s mortuary business is the last place he wants to be, but when the conversation starts flowing, Chester’s the only living person who can hear it. What do the Dead want, and why is he the only one who can hear them?

This is not your average zombie tale—the Dead don’t want to eat your brains, but they will chew your ear off!



Julianne’s Monday Meeting: I Got My Fix Last Night!!

Hello my name is Julianne and I’m a Zombieholic!

(There’s a pause as the rest of the Zombieholics chant “Welcome Julianne.”)

If you have AMC or managed to catch it online, we all got our fixes yesterday. Since it’s mid-season return, The Walking Dead has amped up the action and I’m beginning to find myself completely invested in the show again.

There have been many moments that disappointed me, but then they come back with an episode that blew me out of the water. This past episode was one of them. So in the interest of not spoiling it for any people who have yet to see it, I’d love to know your favourite parts of the episode! Heck, tell me your favourite parts of seasons past. Those of you who haven’t watched it can consider yourself warned to not read the comments!

Wednesday Meeting: Could You Really Kill A Zombie?

Hello, my name is Julianne and I’m a Zombieholic.

(There’s a pause as the rest of the Zombieholics chant “Welcome Julianne.”)

Since exploring the idea of whether or not any of us could kill someone who had turned, the idea of actually killing a Zombie has been on my mind. The idea of a Zombie is an interesting concept. It goes against all that we know to be true about life and death. Even the term “Living Dead” is an oxymoron. Yet we’ve come to accept that it’s an actual possibility.

Let’s run this sucker down, just for fun.

We all like Zombies, right? We enjoy reading about them, writing about them, even watching them in films. Many of us even maintain that we would survive a Zombie attack if it were to happen to us. Under the right and favourable circumstances, of course. But is that the actual truth?

Could you really kill a Zombie?

Talking from a physical standpoint, I’m fairly certain that I could kill a Zombie. I have the requisite skills and the will to survive. On an emotional level, I’m not entirely sure that I would be able to look into the face of someone whom I once loved, a face that has transformed into one of undead horror, and pull a trigger. Bludgeon them to the death with a blunt object. Or decapitate them with a single swing of the Katana that I purchased a year or so ago.

Does that make me weak-willed? Possibly. If a Zombie Apocalypse were ever to happen, how many of us bona fide Zombie enthusiasts would really have what it takes?

My guess – not that many.

We are a society made up of caring and conscientious people for the most part. That’s not a bad thing, mind you, but does it give us any kind of edge in a dying world?

If the world as we know it was to end and the dead were to walk the earth, it would, by default, harden each and every one of us. We’d stop trusting each other, worried that the meager supplies we’ve managed to scavenge together may be a source of contention. Leery of each and every person that we didn’t know, there is the chance we would isolate ourselves into smaller groups. Smaller groups do have a higher chance of survival; fewer people to protect, fewer people to attract attention and fewer people to fit into a stronghold that you will have to secure. Having a plan in place is optimal, but you’re still going to need to remain flexible and adapt to any situation that arises.

To expound further on the idea of adaptability, it’s going to be of the utmost importance if you’re going to have any shot at survival. Conditions are bound to change drastically at the drop of a hat and if you cannot react quickly, it could mean your death. At any moment a horde of Zombies could come calling, and if you don’t have the stones to do what you have got to do to stay alive, you may as well join them. Emotions aside, you’re going to have to do it.

You may just have to stare into the face of a once innocent child and do the right thing.

So I ask you again, could you really kill a Zombie? If your answer is no, perhaps you’d better start praying that it doesn’t come down to a life or death decision for you.

Julianne’s Monday Meeting: Survival Strategy According to Me

Hello, my name is Julianne and I’m a Zombieholic.

(There’s a pause as the rest of the Zombieholics chant “Welcome Julianne.”)

Thank you for joining me today as we will be talking about strategies to help you survive during a Zombie Apocalypse. What I have to offer is simple and is not going to include telling you to pack a bug out bag. That’s common sense and while important, it’s just not part of the scope of this session.

There are six main strategies and they are all important. As we have no idea when the proverbial sh*t is going to hit the fan, shall we get started?

Don’t Wait: Okay, I’ll admit that seems somewhat self-explanatory but it’s probably the most important. Waiting is only going to allow your city or town to fill up with hordes of those ravenous Zombies. Recognizing that there is a problem and reacting to it quickly is only going to help keep you alive. If you turn on your television one day and hear that the dead are again walking the earth, don’t wait. Waiting is bad. Get moving. Now.

Don’t Dismiss Travelling On Foot: We all know that travelling by car is faster, offers more protection and is more efficient. Zombies can only walk as fast as their oxygen starved, dying muscles will allow them to. So why shouldn’t you dismiss travelling on foot? Everyone is going to panic, get into their cars and head out of town. What is that going to cause? Gridlock. Accidents. Cars running out of gas and adding to the gridlock. It’s going to be hell on the roads and each moment that you are stuck in gridlock, unable to move away, is only going to allow the hordes more time to catch up with you. Moving on foot allows you more freedom. As long as you can walk faster than the horde, you’ll be okay. Just remember that a car is easy to navigate around while on foot, especially on a crowded roadway. The benefit to moving on foot is the fact that you don’t need to stick to roads either. The world is your oyster; let your feet help in your survival.

Avoid, Avoid, Avoid: If at first you don’t succeed, avoid. Seriously. If you don’t need to interact with the Undead, don’t. It’s fairly straightforward. You cannot get bitten if you don’t place your body within the proximity of their mouths. You cannot get infected if you never come into contact with them. Simply avoid them. Avoid at all costs. Avoidance will help to keep you alive.

Observe, Never Assume: One of the first things during Z-Day that will kill you is assuming that you know all there is to know about zombies. We have never faced down a horde of the living dead so how can we possibly know what is likely to happen? Sure, you’ve watched the movies and read the books but what you’re absorbing is only someone’s opinion of what could happen. Are you going to allow that to be the death of you? Absolutely not. Observe what the Undead are doing and how they are behaving. That doesn’t mean engage them either. Consider this strategy as one to be performed in conjunction with avoiding the hordes at all costs. Let someone else engage them and learn from their mistakes. Surviving is important, but surviving smartly makes you the expert.

Not Everyone Is Your Friend: Just because you meet someone while you’re out foraging doesn’t mean that you should accept their lip smacking invitation for dinner. If your instincts are not screaming “Stranger Danger”, they’re broken. Without an uncontaminated protein source, you just may end up the guest of honor at a feast with your seat just a little closer to the fire than may be comfortable. If you don’t get my meaning, there might not be any hope for you. Plain and simple, other survivors could represent a multitude of horrors. Piracy will be rampant as other survivors begin to covet what you’ve got. Cannibalism may become a little more accepted as hunger does strange things to the psyche. Hell, a member of their group may even be harboring the infection, getting sicker and sicker until death finally occurs…. BAM, you’re dead! Or worse, infected. If you find yourself being invited over for dinner, trust no one – trust me on this one.

Keep Moving: You may have found yourself the perfect place to wait out the end of the world. It’s got everything you think you’ll ever need; strong walls, unobstructed views for three hundred and sixty degrees, and a stockpile of food and ammunition. It’s perfect – or is it? What happens when the Undead come knocking… and trust me, they will find you. How are you going to kill them all without attracting more? Who knows if they can hear gunfire? Or if they have a sense of collective consciousness? Something else to consider would be the fact that your stronghold may actually belong to someone else. Someone with bigger guns and the desire to use them. The war between the living and the living dead is horrible enough. No need to go adding another war into the fray. The only way to get around this is to keep moving. Sure, you can replenish your supplies, I’m not against that. What I am against is complacency. It kills. Keep moving – that’s what the Undead are going to do.

Survival is important and frankly, optimal. Keeping these six strategies in mind will help you to survive. I don’t want you to wait or dismiss travelling on foot should the situation arise. If you avoid the Undead while observing them, never assuming that you know what they’re going to do next, you should be okay. Just remember that not everyone is your friend out there and that they may have less than honorable intentions. If you keep moving, you’ll always stay one step ahead. Good luck!

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