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Zurvival Tips

ZURVIVAL TIPS: Functional Weapons…

I first saw this weapon a number of years ago and I have to say, it made just as much sense back then that it does now!

Stylish and functional!


ZURVIVAL TIPS: Honesty | #LittleLies #BigLies

Is honesty always the best policy?

After the end, it might not be…

Are you going to tell other survivors about the sweet camp you have just over the next ridge, full of food , clean water, and other amenities without knowing if you can trust them first? Hell no! You’re going to make out like the world has got you as far down as it has them until you decide if their skill set will benefit you and your group.

But that’s a choice you’re going to have to make for yourself… Will your lies be big, or little?

ZURVIVAL TIPS: Duct Tape Is Your Friend | #Truth #YouKnowIt

Duct tape is extremely versatile and strong – a great addition to any Bug Out Bag…

  • Cover a blister on your heel to help cushion the pain when you’re on the run
  • Protect your heels before they get blistered…
  • It can be used to fashion handcuffs for those people you may need to keep restrained
  • You can make clothing out of it
  • Patch a hole in a tent/window/wall
  • Acts as a bandaid for really bad lacerations (use in a pinch if you’re on the run!)
  • Attaches a split to a broken leg/arm/finger
  • Patch a hole in your canoe/boat
  • Repair a leak in a tire/inner tube/engine hose
  • Patch ripped clothing

Anything else you can think of?

ZURVIVAL TIPS: Optimism | #FakeItUntilYouMakeIt

Life is going to be bad after the end. Let’s not kid ourselves even for a second on that one.

Fake-It-Till-You-Make-It.jpgSure, you may be able to carve out a decent existence but you’ll be living under constant stress from the undead, other survivors, medical emergencies, mother nature and that’s just to name a few…

But a heady dose of Optimism can help you through even the hardest times. So I say it, fake it until you make it and let all of those bad moments slide off your back. You never know what will come of it…


ZURVIVAL TIPS: Participation | #SometimesYouHaveToDoWhatYouHaveToDo

Sometimes we’ve got to do things you may not want to do. And I’m not being facetious or glib when I say it. There will be times where your participation will be needed after the end.

par1.pngIf you join a group, you’ll have to pull your own weight. No one is going to let you sit around and leech off the hard work of others for very long. Dead weight will be cut as soon as possible and when you need someone to save your back, you’d better be willing to save theirs in return.

par2Participation in many forms will be important—whether it’s helping to make the place you call home thrive, or out in the field where combat or collecting supplies is of the utmost important—and if you don’t stand up to be counted, you’ll be left at the wayside the first time the opportunity arises.

Participation: it’s in you to give.

So give it, and give it freely.

ZURVIVAL TIPS: Trust | #WhoDoYouTrust #GoodVsEvil

We talked a bit about education last week and I hope you thought long and hard about a new skill you could learn that may help you survive.

Trust.jpgThis week I want to talk about the idea of trust. We’ve seen countless depictions of the horrendous acts that can befall those who trust the wrong person or people, but there have also been stories of the faith in man and the goodness that can come from that.

brokentrust_zps8f03496fSo who do you trust and is there anything you can do to help you figure out who you can trust?

Trust you gut and always keep your guard up are two of my best suggestions. In the end, you’re going to have to take risks on people with whom you’re not yet acquainted just for the sole purpose of surviving. Some of those people will be good, but some may have ulterior motives. Listen to what they say, watch what they do, and keep your weapon handy!

ZURVIVAL TIPS: Education | #EducationisKey #LearnNow

Education is key to survival. Think about your life now…

Education-Quotes-And-Sayings-About-Life-1.jpgWe have people who fix our cars, grow our food, keep the power flowing into our houses, make our clothing—we have people for pretty much everything we rely on.

But what happens when the world comes to a crashing halt? Who will you turn to?

quotes_mandela_on_educationUnfortunately you’ll need to stand on your own two feet to survive and without a little, or a lot, of education, you’re going to go nowhere fast.

So what’s my tip this week?

Learn a new skill.

Heck, learn a few new skills. It just might save your life…


Last week we talked a bit about Cardio and how important it’s going to be after the end. But there’s a little something that goes along with Cardio that you’re definitely going to need – Endurance.

c4cbe2b6202d63392d7d0ea33927cd2c.jpgHaving a burst of speed is great, but if you can’t sustain it, you’re going to burn yourself out. For a while, adrenaline may keep you going but if your body is not used to the discipline of training, trying to live in hard conditions with stress around every corner is going to wear you down.

9e333bd4862840562e5bc17bea6d22fbSome may argue that life is hard for everyone at different times, but endurance is more than that. It’s the body conditioning that comes from being physically and spiritually ready to take on each and every situation that comes your way.

Living after the end is going to be very difficult but with a little time spent on preparing both your body and your mind will go a long, long way toward your survival.


Okay we’ve all seen the movie Zombieland (or at least most of us have seen it) where one of the rules for surviving the zombie apocalypse is Cardio. Well that stands up if you really sit down and consider it for a moment.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m overweight and out of shape – I have been for a great portion of my life but I recently decided that I was tired. And I literally mean tired. I was tired of the looks, tired of the comments, tired of the way it made me feel, tired of it all. So what did I do?

cardioI joined the gym.

And I made the commitment to myself that if the apocalypse were to ever happen, I wouldn’t be the person that slowed the team down, or was the easy one to sacrifice in an effort to save the group.

It’s going to be a slow transformation I’m sure, but each day I’ll get stronger and more able to do the things like running and fighting that may be expected of me. Because let’s face it, cardio plays a large part in all of that.

Even if you’re in the best of shape and don’t carry around any extra weight, you would benefit from a little cardio. Not only is a healthy heart a great thing to have, but it one of your best defenses in the apocalypse.

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